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The era of intelligent measurement technology

What is the biggest challenge for salespeople at trade shows? The noise caused by the many exhibition stands distracts visitors. Many sellers confirm that it is very difficult for trade fair visitors to examine the object of their interest and at the same time to have a conversation. At exhibition stands, marketing communication is obviously the biggest challenge to solve. Know more about unique exhibition stand Dubai.

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In order for exhibitors to be able to convey their brand messages quickly and smoothly on the exhibition displays, they must find ways and means that require a minimum of human intervention and time to make the exhibition rental profitable. Check out exhibition stand design.

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The challenge lies in delivering brand messages without breaking the trade fair budget. This requires intelligent trade fair technology and its smart integration into the trade fair stands. This means that conveying the trade fair message can be tailored to a maximum window of 5 to 7 seconds.

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Here we show you some core areas that allow the intelligent use of technology by the stand construction company. You might be interested in exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Provide 360-degree videography for showcase offers

The use of video content is on the rise. A new dimension that a stand construction company can provide is the use of 360-degree videography. This means that brand offers can be experienced almost "live".

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With the use of 360-degree videography, the real estate, travel and tourism, healthcare, automotive, and durable consumer goods industries are putting their offers in a new environment and thus amplifying the visual sensory experiences in the so-called moment of truth. 

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The use of technology at exhibition stands has great advantages. It offers scalability, reduces the time and effort required, and immediately increases the quality of the brand message for visitors to the trade fairs.

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As the technology landscape evolves, more and more exhibition stand contractors will focus on using smart techniques to solve the problem of brand communication at exhibitions and achieve maximum impact in a short period of time.

Robotics to demonstrate technological excellence

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Use robotics to demonstrate technical excellence and spread fun. Because boredom kills brands. Anything that doesn't draw attention doesn't arouse interest or desire and stimulate action. If your trade show budget allows, consider using robotics to enhance the attractiveness of your traditional trade show booth space. Using a robot to interact with visitors, answer questions, and provide a technical presentation or a product demo can be an interesting marketing experiment for a professional audience. 

Rely on touch screens

Conventional trade fair marketing includes advertising measures that spread information through brand message headlines, trade fair stands and the best trade fair displays. With the advent of touchscreen technology, it is possible for visitors to communicate with the brand and participate in the show on an equal footing. Deploy touchscreen walls that are interactive, allowing visitors to click on the headlines of interesting brand messages and link to the content. For example, visitors could click links, rotate product images, and watch videos to gain a better understanding of the brand world.

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Provide a low decibel surround sound home theater for the project music

Aside from visual sensory experiences, the use of music ensures seamless brand messaging. Play the branded jingle continuously in the background in a low decibel range. If possible, present the same jingle on the company's website well in advance of the show. The customer should always have an interface to the brand via different touchpoints of the exhibition stand, the Internet, and the mobile phone and should remember the brand thanks to the jingle.

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Announce your brand presence with digital signaling

The challenge for all trade fair participants is to present themselves to the visitors. Recently, companies attending the largest trade shows in the United States have reinvented marketing communications through the use of digital signaling.

Digital signaling offers several advantages over conventional print signaling. Digital signaling ensures a significantly stronger visual impact on visitors, can be recognized at a glance from a distance, and, due to the higher light intensity, enables a higher brand recognition value.

Share the idea of ​​digital signaling with your stand construction company so that this concept can be included in the trade fair planning.

The era of intelligent measurement technology

What is the biggest challenge for salespeople at trade shows? The noise caused by the many exhibition stands distracts visitors. Many seller...